A moment to appreciate the Beauty of Himachal

The memories of my last holidays are still intact and it’s because of those memories that I could not stop myself from penning down the experience.

It was 2013 when I first visited Himachal Pradesh with my family. After a lot of considerations I booked my hotels myself and hired a car from outside through one of my contacts in Himachal. As soon as I reached Manali (December 2013). After an eventful day on the way to Manali, I slept in the night, and woke up to a Fascinating surprise called snow. When I pushed the curtains aside All I could see the white from the glasses. It was like a dream come true to see the snow falling all around me. Ahhh… That feeling never goes away… Freezing temperature, pruning winds and white earth. I stayed and enjoyed there for next 3 days without thinking about any other thing and left Manali with a promise to myself that I will be back soon to appreciate the beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

The next time I was up for a bigger and better experience so planned for 8 days and this time I put onus of planning my schedule on a travel Agency Called “Jai Maa Bhima Kali Tour n Travels” which primarily plans individual and group tours to Himachal Pradesh. The agency stood out for me in terms of reliability for being on time every time.

The trip included various religious places Starting form Parwanoo and then reaching Manali via Shimla, Kullu apart from the unlimited fun extravaganza on the way to Manali. Generally when we travel through road in hilly areas, the first worry which comes to mind is the comfort and I was worried too. But National highway from Shimla to Manali gives you access to a number of tourist attractions providing you to hop on and hop off from time to time thus eliminates the tiring journey and gives you pleasure instead.

Two quotients of travelling on which we emphasize a lot is the security and affordability at the place. If you ask me these both the quotient are adequately answered as Himachal is pretty much secure and it’s affordable too. You get various travel agents to help you out with the cost component. The people at every location are phenomenal and embrace you with the culture that would grasp your attention for sure. It seems they are taught to pace with modern world but take their culture & traditions along with them. Experience the joy of being waking every morning surrounded by Mountains and birds. Many of us dream about living this life.

If you feel like visiting Himachal, which I feel you should, I would suggest you lookout for various travel agents to plan your Himachal Tour, however would like to recommend “Jai Maa Bhima Kali Tour n Travels” as it’s been tested by me. You can visit them at www.taxisinhimachal.com. They have been instrumental in making my trip a memorable one and will plan my next with them.

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